Chapbook: The Look of Certain Sounds


Here’s the Look, more colorful than ever and with a few revisions.

The Look of Certain Sounds and The L.A. Weeks are an inside-out/outside-in look at transitions from cold to hot, East Coast to West, brittle to breathable, silent to squawking … you get the picture.

Putting these digital chapbooks together was a big step. Half of me felt like a failure for not finding a publisher. The other part of me wondered why, with type layout at my fingertips, I was waiting for someone to do what I could do myself. I thank the memory of Howard Liebhaber, who never waited for permission to have his say, for getting me out of my own way.

Check it out here: The Look of Certain Sounds (PDF)

2 thoughts on “Chapbook: The Look of Certain Sounds

  1. Ah, to be invited into Janaverse. Such a gift to your guests. Love this, and love you. xo, B.

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