A Soft Tyranny in Mind

A friend called from Boston. She recently completed a round of cancer treatment, successfully. She no longer goes to the hospital for a daily dose of radiation. It’s over. While it was going on she had a routine, and she stuck to it. She deliberately didn’t think much about it. She just did it. Now… Continue reading A Soft Tyranny in Mind

WHY I DON’T ADORE YOU (and why you shouldn’t need me to)

Donald Trump seems perplexed — genuinely perplexed — by the Anti-Trump protests since November 8. He won, didn’t he? In the pageant of presidency, he got the crown and is taking his victory lap after which he reigns (not serves) for four years. It should be all applause from here on out. But one week ago,… Continue reading WHY I DON’T ADORE YOU (and why you shouldn’t need me to)


This is a shorter, revised version of my piece from in|DECISIVE|form, a collection by some of my CalArts Aesthetics & Politics colleagues. Watch the recorded presentation below (about 14 min.) or head over to Medium to read the text version (which Medium says should take you 7 min. — the mouth is half as fast as the eyes). As… Continue reading BEGIN BY DEGREE

ENTANGLEMENT OF MINDS: A Forward Look Back at Psychoanalysis

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.  — Samuel Beckett There’s a well-known joke about a guy who prays month after month, year after year, to win the lottery. Finally, his frustrated God answers him: “Buy a ticket!” Something in that describes my gamble on psychoanalysis. Could something that looks so… Continue reading ENTANGLEMENT OF MINDS: A Forward Look Back at Psychoanalysis


JOEL: I can't remember anything without you. CLEMENTINE: Aw, that's... very sweet, but try. —Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind The people with the most persistent claim on my attention are all gone. The persistence is linked to the gone-ness. I take it upon myself (from somewhere well beyond and before conscious choice) to outline their absence.… Continue reading BODY OF ABSENCE