Just as an intense year of CalArts coursework in Aesthetics and Politics was coming to a close, video of Howard surfaced.* The long path from then to now lit up like neon.** In that sudden vacancy after the end of classes, this text-gather happened. It’s me, Howie, and Judith Butler (because I think he would’ve loved her thought) – voices differentiated by… Continue reading INHABIT


One of my CalArts seminars has been looking at accelerationism, a response to today's  capitalism that favors intensifying technological processes to achieve some sort of escape velocity or point of breakage with current systems. Intriguing and disturbing. Here's my latest response, taking inspiration from the #ACCELERATE MANIFESTO.


JOEL: I can't remember anything without you. CLEMENTINE: Aw, that's... very sweet, but try. —Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind The people with the most persistent claim on my attention are all gone. The persistence is linked to the gone-ness. I take it upon myself (from somewhere well beyond and before conscious choice) to outline their absence.… Continue reading BODY OF ABSENCE